Well, this is my first post. I guess I’ll explain what I’m doing here. I want to use this website to post my stories as web serials. This is almost like a literary comic book, frequent short releases, but without the art. Unless one of you wants to help me with the art side of things!Anyway my first story is called Auralus. The story is about the very first full VR MMORPG. The tale centers around a man named Bradley or Kingblade in game. He finds himself and others caught with a devastating glitch that can affect you in real life as well as in game. That’s a very crude summary but I’ll explain more in the future when I actually publish. This is inspired by the .Hack series of anime and games, the games are so good!

My other story is called Oswin. This is the story of a hunting guild created to fight off creatures, supernatural and ordinary. The world is filled with everything from Jikininki to Dullahans. The hunters are trained in various weapons and study the weaknesses of powerful monsters.

These are crude summaries as mentioned but I just wanted to get something on my page for people to see. I will probably be alternating every week so that nobody has to wait too long for either story. I will eventually be adding more stories as well. That’s all I have for now though.